Time is 2:30pm, Monday, San Francisco. Your wife is working, your kid is studying at school, your dog is at home, and you’re out of town on a business trip when a 7.9 earthquake damages the Bay Area. What are your actions?
Get an emergency plan. Fill one out for each family member. Folds to the size of a business card for wallet storage.
You’ve on the road for a summer trip to attend your grandparents in Nevada. Ten miles out of Baker town, your timing belt deranges. You don’t possess a cell phone, no one stops to assist you. What are your actions?
We offer a variety of disaster and first aid kits to accommodate every family… and budget.
You’re driving home from a party and witness a two-car collision. One driver walks away from his car unscathed, the other is unconscious behind the wheel, and his engine has caught fire. What do you do?
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