American Red Cross First Aid Kit Review

Hello, my name is Mary and I am working at Sky Pharmacy, an online store where every person will find the medications they need. To tell you the truth, my passion is a pharmaceutical business. I graduated from the College of Pharmacy, Tucson. This college is a part of the University of Arizona. I’ve started working at Sky Pharmacy 3 years ago. This experience is very important to me. I have gained such knowledge necessary for my further carrier growth. I believe I achieve all the goals I have.

One more my passion is the American Red Cross founded in 1881 by Clara Barton. In 1900, this organization was granted the status of a federal facility. Its mission was to “provide assistance and support to American families, as well as provide assistance to victims of disasters and epidemics both in the USA and around the world.”My Dream Is to Become a Red Cross Volunteer

I am planning to become a volunteer in the American Red Cross. I have undergone the first training course. It provides us with information about the first aid kit. So, the first aid kit for the first training course contains:

I am going to visit training courses further on. I hope this info will help me expand my skills, knowledge and gain vivid experience in medical and pharmaceutical spheres. Guys, wish me good luck with my undertaking!