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How to Survive a Tsunami: Important Safety Tips

A tsunami is a series of destructive and very dangerous waves resulting from seismic activity or other similar underwater events. Tsunamis have caused an incredible amount of damage in recent years. To survive a tsunami, you must be prepared, alert and calm. This article outlines the steps you need to…


The 10 Most Expensive Natural Disasters of the 21st Century

The article describes Russian fires of 2010, hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and other natural disasters that caused multi-billion dollar damage. Estimation of economic damage is given on the basis of data from open sources. These are direct losses from the impact of a particular element and related phenomena. That is,…


What to Do in Case of Natural Disasters, Accidents and Catastrophes

Every year there are strong river floods, dam breaks, earthquakes, stormsб hurricanes, forest and peat fires around the globe. Each natural disaster, accident and catastrophe has its own characteristics, the nature of damage, the volume and scale of destruction, the magnitude of disasters and human losses. Each leaves its mark…